LibMI is an histopathological image annotating library. This library is based on another library MMSI which proposes a new open data format for extremely large images. These two libraries are both written in C++, but python bindings are also available.

The GitLab Repository

The two libraries are developed under Linux, but they can also run under MAC OS X. Also, pre-compiled binaries are provided for Windows.


  • Reading original image data of different whole-slide image formats.
  • Reading and writing pixel-level annotations and geometrical annotations.
  • Reading and writing grading data of different annotation regions.
  • Reading and writing key-value based image properties.



Getting Started


  • For Linux and macOS users, please follow the instructions at GitLab to compile the package.
  • For Windows users, the pre-compiled binaries are available. You may also need to install Visual C++ Redistributable 2019.

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